A Leader of Sea Burials & Ashes Scattered At Sea in Long Beach CA
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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889


Dear Pat and Sean, We wish to take this op[opportunity to express our sincere thanks for the you provided for our family in the spreading of our dear Linda's ashes. Your kind and cooperative attitude meant so much, especially given the fact that we had to re-schedule the service due to illness in the family. The cruise out to the site was calm and enjoyable, and your instructions were very helpful. You are to be commended for your professionalism and compassionate manner. Again, on behalf of all our family, thank you so much! Sincerely, ~Robin [More Reviews >>]
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Memorial Services

We understand that mourners want every aspect of their loved one's memorial to be perfect. We take all the required steps to provide an exquisitely beautiful ceremony. You may elect to 'personalize' the occasion further by selecting a minister, particular hymns or songs, alcoholic drinks, or certain delicacies as we plan the ceremony with you. Our service typically lasts roughly two hours. You can see in these images how we organize the ceremony. The ashes are placed in a flower-covered container, and the ship's bell is rung to symbolize 'The Last Watch' during the sea burial rite. The Angel's Ashes is devoted to quality and assures that no other memorial service at sea is more sympathetic. Some clients prefer religious memorial services, while others want something less conservative. No matter your requirements, we are here to help. In these images, you can see our attentive staff and happy customers, as well as a religious memorial ceremony being performed on our yacht.
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