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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889

Burials at Sea in Newport Beach, CA

Dear Pat and Sean, We wish to take this op[opportunity to express our sincere thanks for the you provided for our family in the spreading of our dear Linda's ashes. Your kind and cooperative attitude meant so much, especially given the fact that we had to re-schedule the service due to illness in the family. The cruise out to the site was calm and enjoyable, and your instructions were very helpful. You are to be commended for your professionalism and compassionate manner. Again, on behalf of all our family, thank you so much! Sincerely, ~Robin [More Reviews >>]
Burials at Sea, Newport Beach, CA

Scattering a dear one's ashes across the sea is a lovely and respectful way to honor them. Some individuals have a solid attachment to the water and mention it in their wills. In some instances, the surviving family members believe it is an excellent way to gather everyone for the last memorial service. The Angel's Ashes offers respectful and individualized military burial services. We acknowledge everybody has unique requirements.

Therefore, we offer a range of services based on your religion. Angels Ashes offers elegant ocean burials in Newport Beach. We have registered as a charity, non-profit, and public-benefit trust. We are USCG-certified as a legitimate charter service and licensed by the State of California to do at-sea ash dispersion, making us the finest vessel you can board. We are the only business that handles every aspect of an ocean burial for our client's convenience. We can accommodate your request no matter which day of the week you need these services.

Saying Goodbye in a Memorable Way

When the relatives of a deceased soldier attend a memorial service, we understand they want a unique burial. Even when there are no passengers aboard, we follow the View-from-the-Pier process. It allows anybody to join the memorial service without boarding the boat. The guests observe the proceedings from the dock at a distance of a few yards. This approach is the most cost-effective and favored choice among many individuals.

There are two distinct types of unattended memorial ceremonies offered. During these burials, the deceased's family members do not accompany us on our boat while we spread the ash at sea. We exert much effort to guarantee that the departed are honored. Our team is here to help you arrange every detail. In addition, they will recommend the best hours to set sail during excellent sea conditions.

Affordable Funerals At Sea

The most popular activity begins with you and your friends aboard the 'Orion' to scatter the deceased's cremated remains at sea. We provide everything required for an exquisitely beautiful funeral at sea ceremony. We arrange the ceremony per your requests, and you can choose to bring a minister, specific chants, or music to "personalize" the occasion more. You could also choose to have beverages and particular foods on deck for the duration of the event. Our service lasts around two hours from when we meet until we return to the port.

As part of the burial ceremony, the ashes will be placed in a flower-covered basket, and the ship's bell will be rung to commemorate "The Last Watch." We continue to the spot of the loved one's interment with the support of family members onboard. After the initial service, a designated family member gets a Memorial Certificate with the location's Latitude and Longitude coordinates. Our records allow us to offer this specialist service anytime you need to make arrangements.

Military Sea Burials - Honoring Those Who Served Our Country

The cremains dispersal during the military sea funerals is a meaningful, beautiful, emotional alternative to conventional graveside monuments. Pat O'Connor is an experienced and Ordained Minister, missionary, former U.S. Army Airborne Special Forces Green Beret officer, and classical musician. He performs these memorial services at sea.

The memorial ceremony is modeled by funerals for immediate relatives and is customized to your specific desires. We respect all religions and offer individualized and professional services. Numerous military personnel's families employ our services, and we help with all aspects of planning a proper Honor Guard Ceremony.

If you need additional details about our burials at sea, military sea burials, or funerals at sea in Newport Beach, CA, please call The Angels Ashes at 714 393-9999 or write to us via this Online Form.

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