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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

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Handicapped and Children

The Angel's Ashes Thank you for honoring our sister Rita in the way that you did. It was done in a very respectful way. Thank you, ~Georg and Krista [More Reviews >>]

In reviewing businesses like ours, you will discover that few, if any, accommodate the handicapped or children. Interesting. Why would that be? I believe it is just another example of Convenience. I believe we are the only company that operates on the premise that everything we do is based upon your convenience, not ours! For example, you will discover that almost every company will tell you which days they go out, what time they go out, the days and times they do not go out for burials-at-sea or increase their rates should you like to go out on a weekend or holiday or a certain time. Many tell you where they will go, not ask you where you want to go. How can they know in advance what the sea conditions are and whether there are other boats around at a certain location?

I have covered these practices on other pages, practices that I believe are categorically just wrong: Selfish, not caring about you, just doing what is convenient for them. An unsensitive, terrible practice in my opinion.


I was a Physical Therapist for 30 years. I did that because I love the handicapped. I miss it a bit but am proud that we regularly have the handicapped on board. I know how to expertly handle those with disabilities and challenges. Families respect that and feel confident when their loved ones are with us.

When you contact us and have an individual with physical disabilities that you would like to join us, here are the things you need to know and to discuss:

  • Communication: That is big! You need to tell us that a member of your party has some limitations and describe that in detail:
    1. Can they walk?
    2. How far can they walk?
    3. Can they manage steps?
    4. Do they have a wheelchair?
  • We do not have a ramp. The individual must go up 3 steps with a railing, cross over to the boat deck, then walk a few feet and go up 2 more steps to be in the seating area.
  • The distance from where we meet to the boat is about 200 yards. Most people with disabilities use their wheelchair.
  • You are responsible for communicating all of this to us and then making the final decision whether the individual should come or not.

We love to help but can do only so much. Please consider View from the Pier as an option.


The United States Coast Guard controls how many people are allowed on a boat. Our limit is 12, not 13. That includes infants and children. An infant of 1 week is actually considered a PERSON!

  • The parents are responsible for the behavior and conduct of their children. They must stay with their children at all times. The children are not allowed to run or jump onto things and for 13 and under must always wear a lifejacket. Children love being on the boat, but sometimes don’t like wearing a life jacket or following the rules. You must make the decision as to whether the child or children should come. Also consider the possibility that the circumstances may be inappropriate or may interfere with your enjoyment of the time on the boat. It takes about 2 hours.
  • Consider View from the Pier as an option. Children can run around and don’t have to wear a lifejacket!

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