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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889


Dear Captain O'Connor, Thank you very much for the dignified service for my brother Kevin. The group was pleased with your work and appreciated your compassion. I hope you have a chance to visit Switzerland, it's a beautiful place. Best, ~Jack [More Reviews >>]
Scattering Ashes at Sea, San Pedro, CA

The Angel's Ashes is the only company you will need to contact if you want to arrange a memorable and magnificent burial service. We provide specialized funeral services in Long Beach and recognize that everyone has unique needs, so we offer many choices to help you choose options based on your beliefs. At The Angels Ashes in San Pedro, California, we offer an exquisite and unique scattering of ashes at sea.

What’s Included in The Scattering Ashes at Sea Services?

Our business provides services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the public and the military. We do this because we prioritize customization and are committed to providing you with convenience and value. There will never be an increase in the price of a particular service after you have selected it.

Our services for scattering ashes at sea are incredibly affordable and include food and beverages, flowers, and the expertise of a professional photographer. We provide these free services to demonstrate that we are a responsible, caring company.

Most Memorable Scattering Ashes at Sea in San Pedro, CA

When you choose our expert Long Beach funerals, you can feel confident that you have made the best decision possible because:

  • We take a very professional and individualized approach.
  • Take care of every element of the ceremony.

Offer alternatives, including view-from-a-pier (if you are working on a lower budget). This service is far more accessible for handicapped individuals. Additionally, many families with children prefer this service which includes:

  • Multiple unattended ash scatterings for crematoriums and mortuaries
  • Single unattended scatterings
  • We offer complimentary flowers, food, and beverages for any event or luncheon you like to host before or after the scattering of the ashes at sea
  • If necessary, we can provide live worldwide transmission of the ceremony
  • Help with restaurant bookings
  • Services of bereavement counseling
  • Religious ceremony
  • Complete Memorial Service at any church or location
  • If necessary, we can offer the eulogy.
  • Arrangements about the Honor Guard (for military veterans)
  • Assisting you in selecting a bagpiper
  • We handle all paperwork and compose letters to the funeral home and crematorium.
  • We shall also document the precise location of the grave (with the correct longitude and latitude coordinates)
  • We provide an elegant Memorial Certificate that you can keep for your records or mount in a frame on your walls

Affordable Sea Funerals & Ash Scatterings

Our services and how we plan and handle your requests are unique. The Angel's Ashes provides services to everyone, not only the military. At these services, we offer attended/unattended scattering of ashes. Because we are non-profit organizations, our services are highly affordable. We provide you with many free products that other organizations would charge you for, such as food, beverages, and roses.

We take enormous pride in providing a funeral service that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our services consist of event planning, flowers, assistance with restaurant reservations, grief counseling, and much more. You get all the services you need under a single roof, making it easier for you to plan everything. In addition, we give you a lovely Memorial Certificate and letter and letters to the crematorium/mortuary and submit all required papers to the local health authority.

We are here to help with all the customization options you need so you have the type of burial at sea service you want. If you want more information about scattering ashes at sea in San Pedro, CA, please call The Angels Ashes at 714 393-9999 or write to us via this Online Form and we will call you back shortly to discuss your requirements.

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