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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889

Military Burials At Sea In Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Mr. O'Connor, I wanted to thank you for going out of your way to help me, and my friend Cherylyn, (whom your organization also scattered at sea 10-03-22 through Chapman Funeral Homes) to provide a dignified and beautiful service for her mom, Shirley. Your services provide so much comfort to families. God bless you and your family, ~Mary [More Reviews >>]
Military Burials at Sea, Huntington Beach, CA

We at The Angel's Ashes conduct elegant and intimate military burial services. We understand that everyone has specific requirements, so we offer all types of services depending on your religion. The Angels Ashes plans customized burials at sea in Huntington Beach, CA, for clients.

We have been awarded the designation of a public benefit, non-profit, charitable trust organization. We are USCG certified as a legal charter and licensed by the State of California to perform at sea scattering-of ashes, which means we are the safest boat you can step foot on. Ours is the only company that manages every aspect of the burial at sea at our clients' convenience. We can accommodate your request no matter which day of the week you need to go out for the services.

Custom Burial Services

We understand that everyone has different requirements. It's why we provide various burials at sea options for military veterans, such as:

Multiple Scattering of Ashes

We coordinate with the Crematorium/Mortuary to have multiple sets of ashes picked up and given to us in this service. We conduct the ritual in the same manner as we would if family members were on board. Additionally, we have different rituals for everyone at various sites. As each set of ashes is carefully dropped into the ocean, prayers will be spoken, and beautiful petals will be scattered over the waves.

Single Scattering of Ashes

During this funeral, family members will meet us in person or mail us a single set of cremains. When a private ceremony is held at sea, we also can send the family members photographs of the event if required.

Attended Military Burials at Sea

When the departed veteran's family members attend memorial services, they are somewhat more expensive than others we provide. Although there are no guests aboard the boat, the View-from-the-Pier Memorial Service is also an attended service. It allows people to participate in the memorial service without being on the boat. The family and others stand on the pier and observe the event from a few yards away. This option proves to be the best and most inexpensive choice for many people

You can adorn the basket containing the ashes and participate in the basket's lowering ritual. This is followed by prayers, storytelling, and a memorial address. In summary, we do all possible to make the event memorable. As a non-profit organization, our military burial services are extremely reasonably priced.

Unattended Memorial Services

We provide two distinct types of unattended memorial ceremonies. The family members do not accompany us on the yacht when we spread the ashes at sea during these funerals. We are careful to ensure that the departed is honored in every manner. The burial place will be chosen based on factors including:

  • Calm waters
  • Beauty
  • Little boating traffic

Hymns will be recited during the ceremony, rose petals and flowers will follow the ashes, and we provide free professional photographic services. Our modest memorial service is modeled after funerals for immediate family members and is tailored to your unique preferences. We provide all services and respect all religions. In addition, we can customize the service as you see fit, within the bounds of the law. Our team is here to help you plan everything down to the last detail. They will also recommend the best times to head out to sea for the most conducive sea conditions.

If you want more information about our burials at sea in Huntington Beach, CA, please call The Angels Ashes at 714 393-9999 or write to us via this Online Form.

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