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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889


Dear Patrick, I do hope your rotator cuff has healed and you can go back to playing your guitar. We would have loved to hear you play at sea...how special is that! Thankfully, Sean was able to solve my problem by assuring the play list I had hoped to play connected to your equipment and saved the day. My equipment was left in the ca mistakenly and realized it just as we pulled offshore. Every part of the celebration of life Keith was uniquely special and oh so beautiful. The set up with your roses and our extra flowers was so perfect. The glo of the ashes in the water was dreamlike. Of course it was initially difficult to say good bye but comforting knowing Keith is now part of the ocean. Waves coming to shore now have a new meaning. Thank you so very much Patrick and Sean for creating such a glorious and dignified celebration of life for Keith and Kristi especially. All of us onboard were very much moved we shared on your yacht 'Orion'. Thank you for your professionalism and thoughtfulness ton create an unforgettable afternoon with respect to Keith and Kristi and our friends bound together with mutual love. Sincerely, ~Nancy [More Reviews >>]

Permits and Forms

During this difficult period, you do not need to have the additional anxiety of trying to figure everything out. Just call us and we will take you through the steps very peacefully.

The document entitled ‘Authorization and Permit for Disposal of Human Remains’ can be obtained from a Crematorium, Mortuary, or local Health Department. The cost of this document is about $12. When you are getting this form, simply tell them of your intentions such as, “We will be scattering the ashes at sea in LA County” or “Orange County”. They only need to know which county the ashes will be scattered:  You are the only one that can obtain this form:  I am not allowed to do that unless a Mortuary or Crematorium has made arrangements with me to do that. Bring this with you the day of the ceremony. Sometimes, when you are out-of-State, this can be difficult to obtain. If you encounter any problems, please contact us.


The Authorization form   can be obtained by ‘clicking’ on the ‘Authorization Form’ on our web site. Please email to us this completed and signed form or simply bring it with you the day of the funeral. This is protecting you by telling us what we can and cannot do and protects us by clarifying what you are authorizing us to do. If you cannot email this to us or have difficulty downloading it, we will have the form for you the day of the service. This form is also used by us to make sure we have all the addresses correct for mailing the Memorial Certificate. The Memorial Certificate identifies the exact Longitude and Latitude and time of day where the ashes were scattered at sea. It is a beautiful document and quite suitable for mounting.

You will want to keep this information should you wish to re-visit the exact site in the future. This is a very common practice.

For the Military, you may need your loved one’s discharge papers. These are used to obtain a free 9’ American flag (coffin or burial flag) from a local post office. Without these papers, you may have to purchase a flag should you desire the flag folding portion of the ceremony. They cost a little over $100. You may also want to to arrange for an Honor Guard ceremony.

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