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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889


In the booking stage of planning the funeral, two main items will be discussed along with answering all of your questions: Where we will be meeting and how to make the payment.

Meeting Place:

The meeting place differs depending upon where we have planned the ceremony. We will always meet at a designated location at least 30 minutes before our planned departure time. It will be very important for me to have a cell number where you can be reached just prior to your arrival. Also, it will be very important for you and those attending to arrive early and for you to call me when you arrive. We will meet with you then walk you to the boat. Please keep your party together so that we can board on time. We need to leave on time so that no one will feel ‘pressured’ or ‘rushed’ in any way. There also may be a funeral after yours which we must keep from being impacted.

  1. Long Beach, San Pedro, Seal Beach, Northern Huntington Beach:
    Our address is 425 Shoreline Village Drive. Pull into the parking lot, drive about half way down, and park directly in front of the Funnel House.
  2. Catalina Island:
    We will meet at one of the public docks out on the main pier in Avalon.


The payment needs to be made at the time of the booking. This completes the booking process. This is done by going to the Front Page of our web site and clicking on the Yellow button called 'Donate'. PayPal takes your credit card information then notifies me immediately.
*We incur many expenses on your behalf once you have booked your reservation. Remember, you have made a donation to a non-profit organization.
As with other non-profits, we have numerous operational expenses. Thus, should you wish to cancel, there will be no refund because we have already incurred the expenses of the charges to us by PayPal, our bank, The City of Long Beach (8% tax), and the Captain. Just to name a few. I wish it was otherwise, but have no control of this. Please just reschedule if you need to rather than cancel. We do not want you to lose any money, believe me.

We believe so strongly in honesty, transparency, and in giving. We are a non-profit public benefit charitable trust located in Long Beach, California

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