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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889

Community Involvement

"I saw God's hands working here when I was searching online for this service because I was actually typing in another company that the Mortuary had given us to use, but your website was all I could find. I tried and over again to find the company that I was referred to but again, your website was all I could find. I got the message to listen to God and call you. He was right as He always is that you were who we should use for mom's burial at sea and so I called you and booked a reservation. When I went back in to show my children your site and what you provide for loved ones, the other sites reappeared. Isn't it awesome the way God works?"

Isn’t that an amazing letter? Its letters like these that make us feel good (a little ‘pat-on-the-back’) and gives us direction in how we proceed to help others.

In our daily Ministry we seek to give to our clients as much as we can by: 1. Providing for you as many free services as possible. Unlike anyone else in this industry, we give: Free food, free drinks, and three dozen roses to every family we work with. During a difficult time, we try to ease your burden. It saddens us to daily witness our competitors charging for everything they can possibly imagine. In my heart, how could I possibly justify charging you for a Coca Cola? 2. Not charging you for such things as taxes, harbor fees, or more should you select to go out in an afternoon or on a week end. Believe me and check it out, almost everyone else does. This should be a time where I believe we should absorb some costs and not take advantage of someone when they are grieving and vulnerable. 3. Not telling you when we are going out and thus for you to plan around our schedule. We believe that we should do everything at your convenience. Again, unlike most in the industry, we go out any time if day, any day of the week. 4. Letting you customize everything: We do not have a specific location to go to. We let you pick the spot where you are most comfortable. There is no ‘set’ service. The entire service is planned with you as we book your outing. 5. Not inventing ways for you to spend more. For example, we would be the only company that does not charge you for doing multiple sets of ashes. 6. Going the extra mile. Behind the scenes, I write letters to the mortuary, crematorium, and to you about the service we provided. I also take care of the legal paper work and all State requirements. 7. Provide you with the nicest, most comfortable, safest vessels around. We have customized everything on our gorgeous yacht and sent over $50,000 to make her USCG Certified for your safety. 8. Assure you that we are operating legally and by every regulation by the USCG and Marina. Every item that is required has been attended to. We have seen companies not pay the city the taxes required, take more passengers than allowed by law, operate without a business license, operate without USCG Certification when required, and operate in many more illegal ways. You need to understand that all the requirements, all that we go through, all the laws and USCG regulations, all that we spend are for one thing and one thing only: YOUR SAFETY! I can’t tell you the number of times people call us and are only looking for the cheapest price! If anyone is cheaper than what we quote you, then I can guarantee you that they are cutting corners and are most likely operating illegally. How can you be cheaper than a non-profit? We are the only non-profit to offer these services.We are instrumental in reporting any and all illegal charters to the USCG. Why? Because it involves the safety of the individuals that step foot on their vessels, unknowing that they have booked an illegal charter.

With the same philosophy in establishing our sister company, The Last Watch, we seek ways to 'give back'. Here is a partial list of some of those companies we are involved with and contribute to their wonderful causes:

The Heart of Sailing
Giving Children Hope
Chick-fil-A, 'Paying-it-Forward'
The Orange County Rescue Mission/ Village of Hope
Emergency Missionary Services
Children Around the World
The Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach
Brea Baptist Church
Two Harbors 4th of July Celebration, Catalina Island
Nehemiah Vision Ministries
The USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
Mission of Hope, Haiti
Environmental Nature Center, Newport Beach
KECK Graduate Institute Scholarship
City of Brea War Memorial
Chapman University
Avalon Bagel, ‘Paying-it-Forward’
The American Legion Yacht Club, Newport Beach
American Legion Post 291, Newport Beach
City of Hope
Catalina Island Mooring Services
Friends Community Church
USC Marine Institute, Catalina Island
Just as we influence others, we wish to reward those who show the same heart as us. Many more acts of kindness can be guaranteed through our foundation.

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