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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889

The First Phone Call

Pat, Thank you for taking us out on the water today Appreciate all your service. Warm regards, ~The Hur family [More Reviews >>]
These are particularly trying and difficult times as I write this in February of 2021. We have just gone through a Pandemic of epic proportions: Hundreds of thousands dying, record unemployment, the losses of so many businesses. Almost every day I receive phone calls from a family member who lost a loved one due to the Covid 19 virus. It is emotional and yet a blessing to be able to talk with them, console them, and help them in any way I can. I guide them and talk with them at length. I provide many options to make the burial experience as little of a financial burden as possible. We have often been told that we have a ‘Heart’, honestly show that we care, answer our phone or are praised for calling back so quickly. I have lost many loved ones, gone through the grieving process, and understand your needs.

“I need your help”: Often the first words spoken. Then, “What do I do? How much does it cost? Explain what you do and what do we get for that cost?” Let me take you through the major points:

  1. We are the only Non-Profit to provide these services. For you, this will mean that we will be the least expensive of all Legal Charters and the least expensive of all USCG Inspected vessels and USCG Certified vessels. We have heard so many times the following comments:
    1. “Everyone charges so much, doubles the cost on the weekends or the afternoons, and tells us when they go out and for how long, go to a set designation, and don’t include anything!” Here is where we set ourselves apart from our ‘so called competition’.
      1. We absorb the costs for you of taxes, harbor fees, and do not charge you more for an afternoon or weekend.
      2. We do everything at your convenience. We discuss with you what would be most convenient for you. Family members may be fling in or you may be driving a long distance. These are important factors in planning the event. We go out any day of the week at any time of day except for evenings.
      3. We do not limit the time we are at sea. We want you to relax, enjoy the occasion as best you can, and not to feel rushed. We often tell people,” It is your day. We are here for only reason: to do everything we can do to please you. If we see dolphins, we chase dolphins. We visit the sea lions.
      4. We do not go to a specific destination unless we are asked to in the planning stages and deem it to be safe. We let you help us in choosing a location for the service that is pleasing to you, devoid of traffic, and in the calmest area.
      5. What we include will really surprise you for I believe we are the only ones to do this to this extent. “Why? You may ask.” Simply put, we love what we do. We do not need a lot of money. My wife and I do not even take a salary. And, I find it appalling that other companies through this industry routinely take advantage of those that are hurting. Crematoriums are jacking their prices; competitors are taking your money unnecessarily. Ask yourself this: Did my insurance, slip fees, taxes go up in the afternoon or weekend or when the Pandemic hit? Of course not. And no one else’s did either! So, how can anyone justify charging more?
      6. What we include:
        1. No taxes. We absorb the cost
        2. No Harbor fees. The cost belongs to us: it is the cost of running a business and choosing to do what we do.
        3. No extra charges should you chose a weekend, holiday, or a particular time of day. I believe that this a practice by our competitors to hide the ‘Real’ cost and to take advantage of you.
        4. No cost for a Minister should you want to have one for your service. I am an Ordained Minister and would not charge for that.
        5. No cost for food. We will be together for about two hours. I provide snack foods free of charge.
        6. No cost for drinks. Charging you for a ‘Coca Cola’ is a ridiculous thought even though all my ‘Competitors’ do that.
        7. No cost for flowers. I provide three dozen roses for all services just to make it especially nice.
        8. No cost for additional sets of ashes. We do everything we can to keep all of your costs at a minimum.
        9. No cost for any of the ‘Extras’: Audio and video systems, Wi-Fi, adherence to special customs are all free of charge.
*Many services are provided ‘Behind-the-Scenes’. I send you a beautiful Memorial Certificate and letter, letters to the Mortuary and Crematorium, and file all the legal paper work with the County, City, and State.

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