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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889

Testimonial Letters

Dear Patrick, I do hope your rotator cuff has healed and you can go back to playing your guitar. We would have loved to hear you play at sea...how special is that! Thankfully, Sean was able to solve my problem by assuring the play list I had hoped to play connected to your equipment and saved the day. My equipment was left in the ca mistakenly and realized it just as we pulled offshore. Every part of the celebration of life Keith was uniquely special and oh so beautiful. The set up with your roses and our extra flowers was so perfect. The glo of the ashes in the water was dreamlike. Of course it was initially difficult to say good bye but comforting knowing Keith is now part of the ocean. Waves coming to shore now have a new meaning. Thank you so very much Patrick and Sean for creating such a glorious and dignified celebration of life for Keith and Kristi especially. All of us onboard were very much moved we shared on your yacht 'Orion'. Thank you for your professionalism and thoughtfulness ton create an unforgettable afternoon with respect to Keith and Kristi and our friends bound together with mutual love. Sincerely, ~Nancy [More Reviews >>]
Here at The Angels Ashes, we have been providing our clients throughout greater Long Beach, Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Huntington Beach, and Seal Beach, CA, with premium burials at sea, military memorials and scattering of ashes at sea services for many great and successful years. We understand that at a time of loss it is very important that we take as much of the planning and organizing tasks off our clients while still adhering to all their wishes. We always ensure that we pay honor and respect to those that are now gone by offering memorable funeral services.
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It often occurs to me how infrequently we hear loving and kind words or ever receive a letter of thanks. In this Ministry, we are so blessed to experience this quite often. I have presented some on other pages, but here are a few more:

“Dear Pat and Sean,
Our family would like to thank you very much for the wonderful day you assisted to create in our memories in honor of my parents. You were both able to accommodate my daughter's visit from Japan, as well as have the Honor Guard. The Honor Guard was very special, especially for my grandson, who was really moved by this portion of the service. I know it wasn't easy getting people together on a week's notice, but you did and we thank you for the beautiful and respectful salute and playing of taps.

The boat ride and spreading of ashes was especially wonderful. The kids were amazed and excited to see the sea lions, pelicans, and so many dolphins. This was very nice, and I know my parents would have truly wanted this for them. It almost seemed meant to be and very spiritual. Joining the ashes and watching them spread into the sea was magical. The ashes seemed to shimmer and sparkle as they spread, and as they floated away, it looked like their spirits were swimming away in the water. This was very beautiful and emotional, but our family really needed it. Even placing the roses in the water and taking our time to talk about memories, allowed each person to participate and we never felt rushed. The trip ended with more fun as the kids got a turn at the steering wheel. It was nice to begin and end with something happy and fun for them, yet to take time to remember my parents in a special and emotional way. This definitely helped bring closure. We will highly recommend your services to anyone interested if the future. Please continue to do this for families. Thank you again.”

“Dear Pat,
Thank you so much for helping our family have a beautiful memorial for my neighbor Jim. I'd never been to a memorial like it, and now I have a memory of the beautiful day on the ocean with Jim's family and friends.

I was impressed with your ministry and reflected what a blessing it must be to the people you serve. You and Sean are there as agents of God's love and light in what must be one of the saddest and darkest times in people's lives. God bless you for the work you do. May He continue to bless people through you.”

“Pat and Sean,
Thank you for giving my daughters and I a lovely day, as we released Tony’s remains back to all that is Divine. We appreciate your professionalism, compassion, and comfort at this difficult time. You made this day a beautiful one that will live in our memories forever.
Blessings to you both!

“Dear Pat and family,
Thank you so much for being so wonderful. Our hearts are over filled with gratitude for the warm ceremony you gave for our dear brother, Gary. Thank you for your kindness and respect.
Love and hugs. Barbara and family”

Thank you so much for your gracious support in creating this memorable service for my family and friends. Best wishes”

What and honor to sit and meet with you. I feel so lucky and at peace knowing you are helping me. God bless you and thank you!

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