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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889



I think all of us would agree that being recognized for what you do, whether it’s volunteer work, being a mother, father, or parent, or in the workplace is extremely satisfying. I love a ‘pat on the back’! Doesn’t a kind word, a raise, or an honor received make your day!

In my line of work, which I love, we often get wonderful letters and sometimes a business award.

“Thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Hope you know how very much you’re appreciated and what a difference you make. You Blessed us! My wife won’t stop saying it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE.”


Thank you so very much for your letter regarding the scattering of my mom’s ashes. I appreciate the prayers and roses especially. May God bless you in your important work.”


Today (8-3-2022), we received a prestigious business award for The Best Funeral Service in Garden Grove by Quality Business Awards. This came as a complete surprise and, of course, makes us feel wonderful! Looking to see what this award is all about, I read some amazing things:

  1. This goes to less than 1% of registered businesses and is the Seal of Quality recognizing that our business achieved an overall score of 95% or greater. It is recognition “for our dedication in providing a quality product and maintaining an overall fantastic customer experience”.
  2. Further, we were honored for “having outstanding customer reviews from 3 different platforms”:
    1. Responding regularly to customers questions and concerns.
    2. Showing an exceptional record spanning over multiple years with zero to very low amounts of complaints.
    3. Conducting our day-to-day efforts with the highest integrity and have shown a continuing trend of giving back to our local community and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Judging Oversite Panel consisted of 4 individuals. The gave us 5 Star ratings in Satisfaction, Service, Reputation, and Quality.

We thank all of you out there who made this award possible. We will continue, I promise, to be the best!

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