A Leader of Sea Burials & Ashes Scattered At Sea in Long Beach CA
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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889


Hi Pat, My family and I would like to thank you and Sean and your organization for helping us coordinate such a lovely service for my mother last Monday, November 21. Sean was awesome and took such good care of our group and ashes. We'll even give you all credit for the great weather, perfect sea conditions, and the rainbow that appeared during our time. We will certainly spread great word about your organization and look forward to meeting you again if we have some boating needs. Thanks again, ~Jason [More Reviews >>]


I think all of us would agree that being recognized for what you do, whether it’s volunteer work, being a mother, father, or parent, or in the workplace is extremely satisfying. I love a ‘pat on the back’! Doesn’t a kind word, a raise, or an honor received make your day!

In my line of work, which I love, we often get wonderful letters and sometimes a business award.

“Thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Hope you know how very much you’re appreciated and what a difference you make. You Blessed us! My wife won’t stop saying it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE.”


Thank you so very much for your letter regarding the scattering of my mom’s ashes. I appreciate the prayers and roses especially. May God bless you in your important work.”


Today (8-3-2022), we received a prestigious business award for The Best Funeral Service in Garden Grove by Quality Business Awards. This came as a complete surprise and, of course, makes us feel wonderful! Looking to see what this award is all about, I read some amazing things:

  1. This goes to less than 1% of registered businesses and is the Seal of Quality recognizing that our business achieved an overall score of 95% or greater. It is recognition “for our dedication in providing a quality product and maintaining an overall fantastic customer experience”.
  2. Further, we were honored for “having outstanding customer reviews from 3 different platforms”:
    1. Responding regularly to customers questions and concerns.
    2. Showing an exceptional record spanning over multiple years with zero to very low amounts of complaints.
    3. Conducting our day-to-day efforts with the highest integrity and have shown a continuing trend of giving back to our local community and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Judging Oversite Panel consisted of 4 individuals. The gave us 5 Star ratings in Satisfaction, Service, Reputation, and Quality.

We thank all of you out there who made this award possible. We will continue, I promise, to be the best!

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