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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889

Military Burial Services

Military Burial Services Long Beach, CAWe at The Angel’s Ashes conduct elegant and intimate military burial services. We understand that everyone has specific requirements and so offer all types of services depending on the religion you follow. While we recommend you opt for Long Beach Harbor for the burial-at-sea, we also offer these services at Newport, Catalina Island and San Pedro.

We have been awarded the designation of a public benefit, non-profit, charitable trust organization, to The Last Watch Foundation by the Secretary of State and Attorney General, Department of Justice, as well as the Department of Consumer Affairs for the State of California. We are the only organization in the U.S to be awarded this honor.

Custom Burial Services

We understand that everyone has different requirements. It’s why we provide various burials at sea options for military veterans such as:

Unattended Memorial Services

There are two different unattended memorial services we offer. In these services, the family members don’t accompany us on the boat when we set out to scatter the ashes in the sea. We are very particular about ensuring that the deceased person is honored¬†¬† in every way. The burial site will be selected based on aspects such as:

  • Calm waters
  • Beauty
  • Little boating traffic


Prayers will be said at the ceremony and the ashes will be accompanied with rose petals and roses and provide free professional photography services.

Multiple Scattering of Ashes

In this service, we make arrangements with the Mortuary/Crematorium to pick up more than one set of ashes and have them delivered to us. When we are handling the ceremony, we manage it in the same way we would had there been family members on board. We also hold individual ceremonies for every individual at different locations. Prayers will be said and flower petals will be sprinkled in the ocean as every set of ashes is slowly lowered in to the sea waters.

Single Scattering of Ashes

In this service, the family members meet us or we will receive a single set of ashes via mail. A private ceremony will then be performed out at sea and if requested, we will mail pictures of the event to the family member as well.

Attended Military Memorial Services

In addition we also have the attended memorial services where family members of the deceased military veteran are present. You can decorate the basket that contains the ashes and participate in the ceremony of lowering the basket as well. This is followed by prayers, sharing of stories and a memorial talk.  In short, we do everything we can to ensure the occasion is special.

The Angel’s Ashes’ services are not just for the military, they are for the general public as well. As a non-profit organization, you find that our military burial services cost is very affordable. For more information about our services and for any other queries you may have, please feel free to call us at this number- 714-393-9999, and we will answer even in the early evenings and weekends. You can also send us your queries via this email address or Contact Us form.


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