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"To survive in Peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag”
-Pauline Hanson

When considering a Burial-at-Sea, I couldn’t stress enough the importance of selecting the right boat for your Celebration of Life. You will see many photos here which help in your selection process. You deserve a sea-worthy dependable, comfortable, and beautiful yacht. The measures that we have taken with the USCG assure you and your party that she is safe, seaworthy, and has met all of the stringent standards set by them. There are illegally operating companies out there which will put you at great risk. We are licensed by the state of California to perform burials-at-sea and certified by the USCG to carry passengers.

A yacht that protects you from the elements, provides all the amenities, and is beautifully appointed adds so much to your overall experience. Choosing a company that is kind, friendly, and provides a loving, respectful service is of course, another very important decision. Be diligent, thoughtful, and very careful in choosing the right company, with the best staff and ownership, and provides for you the best of yachts. Be extremely careful in choosing a company that is legally operationg.

The yacht ‘Orion’ is our private boat taken care of and maintained by our family. Our basic philosophy is that each week, she may be a week older, but she’s also a week nicer. We take great pride in her and want her not only to be a great boat for us, but also a wonderful and beautiful boat for you and your party to view as you watch the burial ceremony.

‘Orion’ was built in Taiwan in 1985. She is a twin-diesel aft-cabin motor yacht extensively customized and meticulously cared for. Her layout consists of an aft deck, fly bridge, and main salon for comfortable seating. A well cared for yacht benefits you for the chances of postponement or cancellation are greatly minimized. The very fact that she has twin engines helps you in that if one were to malfunction; ‘Orion’ is fully operational on one engine. This means No Cancellations because of engine problems!

Everything about her is a pleasure to the eye and to experience: Custom drapes, furniture, upholstery, lighting, carpeting, Corian counters, stainless steel sinks, and the newest in electronics. Her top decks are meticulously cared for. As you view the lowering of the ashes everything is gleaming: Freshly painted, bright work glistening in the sunlight, stainless steel in perfect condition. This is important for this is your background for photos and viewing when you chose a view-from-the-pier service. Of course, the beauty and comfort of our vessel makes your entire experience more enjoyable. You will be very proud that you chose us to provide your service!

She also is an extremely safe vessel, very well built, and always kept up to date with inspections by The United States Coast Guard and The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. She has never failed an inspection and all paper work is kept up to date. She is fully insured and owned by Pat O’Connor with 50 years of boat ownership and experience. He will be your Deck-hand to help you with all of your needs. His son, Sean is the licensed Merchant Mariner Master captain with over 25 years of boating experience.


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We believe so strongly in honesty, transparency, and in giving. We Are Not a charter boat company or a commercial business operating out of a private dock. We Are a non-profit foundation operating out of our office-5150 PCH, Suite 200 in Long Beach. To dispel of any inaccurate and false impressions about our company, we need to clarify some points: 1. Our slip is not used for commercial operations. This is used for one purpose and one purpose only and that is for a place to tie up and to care for our boat. No passengers would ever be allowed by us on our dock. Any guests on our boat are picked up elsewhere as to not give the wrong impression. 2. Our Charitable Trust is not a commercial business. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. O’Connor, wanted to make this perfectly clear by never accepting cash, salaries, or compensation in any form. We are honest people and would never violate any regulations, be they State, USCG, or Marina.

For the State of California, the Secretary of State and Attorney General, Department of Justice, and Department of Consumer Affairs have awarded a non-profit, public benefit, charitable trust designation to The Last Watch Foundation to provide funeral services to help the Military and their families. We are the only organization in the United States to be awarded this honor. The State has also given us license to perform the scattering of ashes at sea. If a donation to The Last Watch is ever received, those funds are deposited directly into The Last Watch Foundation.