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In the booking stage of planning the funeral, two items will be discussed: Where we will be meeting and how to make the payment.

Meeting Place:

  • The meeting place differs depending upon where we have planned the ceremony. We will always meet at a designated location at least 15 minutes before the boat leaves the dock. It will be very important for me to have a cell number where you can be reached just prior to your arrival. Also, it will be very important for you and those attending to arrive early and for you to call me just prior to your arrival. We will meet with you then walk you to the boat. Please keep your party together (There are public restrooms where you will be parking and restrooms on the boat) so that we can board on time. (There are public restrooms where you will be parking and restrooms on the boat). It is very important that you plan your arrival time to give you and your party ample time to do whatever you need to do prior to our arranged meeting time. We need to leave on time so that no one will feel ‘pressured’ or ‘rushed’ in any way.

  • In Long Beach, we meet at our boat which is located in the Shoreline Village area of Rainbow Harbor. More specifically, we meet at the front door of Shenanigans Irish Pub and Grill-423 Shoreline Village Drive, LB  09002.

  • In San Pedro, we meet at the Cabrillo Yacht Club:  211 W. 22nd St. San Pedro, CA  90731.

  • In Newport Beach, we meet at the public dock in front of the American Legion Post 291 215 15th Street Newport Beach, CA  92663. Also, we meet next door at Marina Park-1600 W. Balboa Blvd when this is discussed. Sometimes, we may be meeting at the Harbor Department offices -1901 Bayside Drive Corona Del Mar, CA  92625 if this is a more desirable location on a particular day or weekend.

  • At Catalina, I pick you up at the main pier in Avalon or if previously arranged, the main pier at Two Harbors.
    • Sometimes, we may be picking you up in a special place that has been previously arranged such as a Yacht Club or private dock.  


The cost is dependent upon several factors, so exact prices are not listed.

1. Basically, the more people you put on a boat, the more expensive the outing. We encourage you to keep the numbers down, save the money, and splurge for lunch!

2.  Long Beach is the best choice not only to save, but for calmer waters. As a non-profit, when we go to other harbors, our expenses go up, thus, so does yours.

3. Consider unattended services or the combination of attended/ unattended for more savings;

  • Prices and options are discussed when you call me. An important note is that we are all-inclusive and honest. There are no ‘Hidden’fees!’ The price includes a lot of free things-Food, Drinks, Flowers, etc and no extra charges for weekends or holidays!


b. The payment can be made by clicking on the Yellow button at the top left of each page called 'Donate'. PayPal takes your credit card information then notifies me immediately. Your timely payment secures and completes your reservation. If you so desire, I can email you a confirmation and/or give you a receipt after the funeral.
We believe so strongly in honesty, transparency, and in giving. We are not a charter boat company or a commercial business. We are a non-profit public benefit charitable trust operating out of our office-5150 PCH, Suite 200 in Long Beach and our slip at Shoreline Village, Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach.

For the State of California, the Secretary of State and Attorney General, Department of Justice, and Department of Consumer Affairs have awarded a non-profit, public benefit, charitable trust designation to The Last Watch Foundation to provide funeral services to help the Military and their families. We are the only organization in the United States to be awarded this honor. The State has also given us license to perform the scattering of ashes at sea. If a donation to The Last Watch is ever received, those funds are deposited directly into The Last Watch Foundation.