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Public and Military Scattering of Ashes At Sea

USGC Certified CRD# 889

About Us

About Us

These are unprecedented, more than ‘difficult’ times. Many are suffering from the Pandemic with isolation, loss of jobs, and the daily pressures and heartache of just trying to cope, manage their finances, and just trying to make it to the next day. And, all of that is on top of the loss of a loved one and the natural grieving process that follows.

Sadly, most of our ‘competitors’ will take advantage of you. As a company that you might turn to for ‘help’, we are extremely concerned about your situation and will do everything we can to hopefully make it affordable, actively show that we really care, and give our promise to you to make this process as comforting and loving as can be imagined. You will have our undivided attention the moment you give us a call. And, you will be given all the time you need and all of the information to make any forward steps in scheduling a scattering-of –ashes at sea.

Most importantly, we are USCG certified as a legal charter and licensed by the State of California to perform the scattering-of ashes-at sea. As a USCG certified vessel, we will be the safest boat you step foot on. We urge you to not take this too lightly! Many companies operate illegally, just to make money, and could care less about your safety on the ocean.

Sometimes, we receive beautiful letters from families who have experienced our services.

Perhaps they tell the best story About Us:

"Thank you so much for allowing Christ to use you for such an awesome ministry. The 'Ashes at Sea" ceremony was beautiful. You made us feel very comfortable. It was a peaceful journey. I know our loved one was truly satisfied with the love and care taken during her final departure from this earth. Thank you for your Christ-likeness; it was a welcomed addition to the ceremony.
God bless you! In His love,

A burial at sea memorial service with the scattering of a loved one's ashes is a beautiful, moving, and touching alternative to the traditional graveside memorials. Our highly affordable sea burial memorial services are performed by Pat O’Connor, a Missionary, Ordained Minister, former U.S. Army Airborne Special Forces Green Beret officer and classical guitarist. Our small intimate memorial ceremony is fashioned after the immediate family graveside services and planned around your personal preferences. The day is yours and will be planned to honor your requests within legal limits. Our yacht is never ‘shared’ with another family. She is ‘yours’ for about two hours that we are together.

Everything we provide is highly personal and professional as we handle every aspect of the scattering-of-ashes ceremony for you. We ask you to consider your options when selecting a specific type of burial-at-sea service. Please review our traditional services, View from a Pier, Multiple unattended scatterings for the Crematoriums and Mortuaries, and Single unattended scatterings.

Nothing is quite like the experience when you are a passenger on a boat. We have a wonderful time at sea which takes about two hours. It is the most expensive of all the options so we ask you to please review all of the services we provide. Budget is important! Basically, the more people you put in a boat, the more expensive it will get. For-profit organizations may charge as much as $100 per person and find it necessary to tack on such charges as tax, harbor fees, increased fees for the service being on a weekend or an afternoon! So be careful. We would never do that to take advantage of you in any way. We find it appalling that they would charge you for food, drinks, and flowers. With us, all of that is free!

We are a non-profit, charitable trust so make every effort we can to be different from these types of companies. Surprisingly, you may find that View-from-a-Pier very attractive as well. Please review the section on Advantages. We take great pride in delivering a truly special burial ceremony that will be remembered for a lifetime. Some of the greatest advantages of a View-from-a-Pier service has to do with cost, ease of attendance for the handicapped, elderly, and families with children, and no one is sea sick!

Our services include event planning, help with restaurant reservations, help with bereavement counseling and so much more. At no cost to you, we provide food, flowers and drinks as well. If you would like professional Photography or Videography, we can also help you with those arrangements. We would also like to announce that we also offer live streaming of the ceremony around the world!

A family that witnessed one of our ceremonies said it was the most beautiful funeral they had ever attended. With the prayers, music, flowers, and gorgeous setting, that said it all. We were so happy to hear this and just to have been a part of a ceremony that meant so much to them. We have been so blessed with this Ministry hearing from so many families expressing their gratitude and the wonderful experience they had.

What it meant to them and to share it with them is beyond what I ever dreamed.

Know that there is a company out there that cares about you. A company that provides you with the finest of yachts and the best of all services. A company That will listen to you, hear your needs, and do everything to make the process fairly easy.

We believe so strongly in honesty, transparency, and in giving. We Are Not a charter boat company or a commercial business operating out of a private dock. We are a non-profit public benefit charitable trust operating out of our office-5150 PCH, Suite 200 in Long Beach. Our boat is located in the Shoreline Village area of beautiful Rainbow Harbor. This has become a ‘destination’ area for many to enjoy the numerous stores and restaurants. A stroll through the village or a celebration luncheon following our ceremony is often planned by the families that contact us.

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